The end of the world is already in the past. More than 2/3 of humanity has died as a result of global military action. The survivors struggle for their lives, creating a new system of order and moral values. In the future lies a hope, while the dark sides of human nature do not take the pinnacle(?) off the animal. The story is filled with drama and tension, built in an atmosphere of fear and strenuousness(?), a struggle for power and a seeking supremacy. 19:11 is a post-apocalytic storyline, combining some of the largest and shattering excerpts from the classic antique drama presented to the viewers in a completely modern version and an uncharacteristic storyline.

Director: Ale Xander

Scenography and costumes: Ale Xander

Video and multimedia: Zlatko Hristov

Stage battle and stunts: Alexander Tsvetkov

Participants (Starring): Viktoria Georgieva, Vanessa Stancheva, Ema Tabakova, Teddy Ruseva, Anna Ilieva, Zlatina Stoycheva, Radoslav Vasilev, Stefan Gyurov, Ivaylo Hristov, Martin Taskov, Kaloyan Velinov, Mihail Krastev, Martin Milanov, Alexander Tsvetkov and others.

Recently played:

17.07.2016г. “Osvobozhdenie” Theater

02.07.2017г. “Sylza i smiah” Theater