2016 ended on a high note with a premier

After a long wait, just before the Christmas celebrations the latest premier of theater BHALG hit the theaters. Show lecture for happiness drew in more than 270 people in theater “Osvobozhdenie”, despite the the cold December day. The spectacle started with a moment of silence in memory of all the people who died in the tragedy of Hitrino.

From the very begining the artists Kaloyan Velinov, Martin Taskov, Zlatko Hristov and Aleksandar Tsvetkov were greeted with waves of warm energy, ovations and genuine reactions were evenly spread from start till finish.

The comments after the spectacle did not contradict the initial reaction in anyway. Furthermore the crowd in attendance adored the full of surprises show and the unpredictability of the spectacle, as well as, the top level acting stills shown by the artists capable of reaching the most sensitive of places in the human soul. The audio and visual effects served as a foundation for the colorful, bright and unorthodox presentation of Show lecture for happiness. All of it thanks to hard work put in to the project by the whole team of theater BHALG.

The performances was of great value, as well as to the actors as to the author himself. It was the first time a text written by Ivo Ivanov was preformed live on theater stage. Aleks Petrov and Martin Taskov did their debut, while Aleksander Tsvetkov had his first return on stage after almost a 2 year absence.

That night on the 13th of December will remain in our memories as an emotional and filled with happiness night. We wish sold out theaters, never ending ovations and more and more such nights to the talanted team in the new 2017.