A birthday and premier!

BHALG Theater celebrates its first birthday with the premier of the spectacle 19:11 in front of the sold out theater “Osvobozhdenie”. The artist that played the roles in one of the hottest summer days are Anna Ilieva, Viktoriya Georgieva, Nena Neve, Ema tabakova, Vanesa Stancheva, Martin Milanov, Radoslav Vasilev, Dwayn Afado, Antonio Atanasov, Ivaylo Hristov and Zlatko Hristov. It was their first professional premier, showing their serious ambition to make the stage their own. It was a dream come true for the whole team. A huge part of crowd in attendance was amazed by the high level of acting skills of the performers, the vast range of costumes and the magnetic energy of the spectacle as a whole.

We wish best of luck and longevity to 19:11 and theater BHALG as a birthday wish.