alexander cvetkov

Alexander graduated the “Lyuben Groyce” theater college under the tutelage of professor E. Baeva, after which he began his professional realization on the stage of the Lovech theater, where he was a state actor for 3 years. He has multiple creative achievements under his belt,  among which are theater plays, short films, voice work for TV, multiple festivals and seminars, participation in cinema projects as well as some TV series. He has worked as an assistant-director, casting director, acting coach for both children and adults, stuntman, stunt coordinator for fight scenes and many others. Alexander is one of the founders of BHALG theater and as of 2017 he also holds the position of executive producer of ALE-HOP PRODUCTIONS. He takes part in multiple projects such as “FILM”, “SHOW-LECTURE FOR HAPPINESS” and “UPPERCUT”. He prepares and directs the stunts in “19:11” and in 2017 he represented BHALG theater in the creative festival – “Ocean of love”.