Behind the curtains of the BHALG Theatre

Thanks to the generous invite of radio star Emil Yanev, host of the rubric “Tramvay po Jelanie” and the support of Bulgaria’s National Radio Program “Horizont”, the BHALG Theatre troupe became the author of its very own “Reality Novel”.

The program features a pseudo-documentary format with elements of mystery and investigation woven in for good measure.  Each of the participating artists tells a different story regarding the events that occur “Behind the curtains of the BHALG Theatre”, using only on-the-spot improvisation. You can listen to a new episode every Sunday at 19:30 or listen to the episodes released up until now, on the official website of the Bulgarian National Radio.

For those of you who have missed out on the live broadcasts a link to all of them can be found HERE.

Take part in the intrigue, pain and love that the BHALG Theatre actors will face!  Many surprises await you!

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