Happy 1st of June 19′

On the 1st of June, International Children’s day, the are annual celebrations.

1st of June – Children’s day, at the Iskar House of Culture, many children and their parents took part in the wondrous program of BHALG theater and Iskar Municipality!

This year, along with the Capital Municipality Iskar region, BHALG theater put into action its plan for the kids. This plan included multiple types of games, activities, jokes and laughs, along with a special meeting with many different heroes from fairy tales, movies and children’s books, which transported the children and their parents to the magical world of the wondrous program.

Parallel to this, the event organizers included sports activities, as well as dancing and games in the park next to the lake in Druzhba.

It was precisely there that BHALG theater performed one of the plays in its repertoire – Super Mario.

The play tells a tale of bravery, of good and evil, of faith, struggle and even of love. Everything is told in a different way, surrounded with a childlike wonder and imagination.