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Theatre “BHALG” is  a professional ,theatrical and private organization which occupies in the sphere of theater . Our team consists of young ,ambitious artists, who are ready and completely capable of developing  in the fields of art and acting  as well as to evolve  the art in themselves. Among them  are  professional actors, students in acting ,people without professional qualification in the sphere of theatre.


The professional principles for the establishment  of a working process are fundamental for the rehearsal and creative process .Our goal is to create a stable team, which will create stage projects on professional level, together with already established names and ensembles in the theatrical community. 


Leading news

#whatidoathome Challenge

We have officially launched our very first challenge campaign - #whatidoathome! The very first participant was our very own Teddy...
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First “Show-lecture for Happiness” for the season

Another day, another successful performance of the “Show-lecture for happiness” on the well-known to all of us Shipka Open Art...
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New partner joined BHALG Theatre’s Family

Everyone needs something refreshing every now and then! We know how important drinking water is for our health, even more...
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Behind the curtains of the BHALG Theatre ended successfully

“Behind the curtains of the BHALG Theatre” successfully ended its run with 13 full episodes. Other than the actors involved...
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BHALG Theatre’s Holiday Charity Campaign

When it’s not regaling its audience, the BHALG Theatre often organizes greatly successful charity campaigns. The goal is to inspire...
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Behind the curtains of the BHALG Theatre

Thanks to the generous invite of radio star Emil Yanev, host of the rubric “Tramvay po Jelanie" and the support...
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Show lecture for happiness – Pre-Christmas

Christmas is coming and the mood is on! With the start of the festive preparations and mood, the talented actors...
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Another stage debut

On November 19th , at the well-known Open Art stage of Shipka, the first performance of the BHALG Theater was...
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BHALG Theater for the first time

The date - 1st of October The event - first play for the new season - "Show-lecture for hapiness" For...
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Another “FILM” – another debut

BHALG Theater closed the theatrical season with another performance of the FILM spectacle.Again on a well-known stage - the Open...
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19 Nov 2019


Russian Information and Cultural Center (RICC)
26 Jun 2019


Russian Information and Cultural Center (RICC)
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actor, producer


multimedia, montage, 3D Effects


actress, PR Agent

Iva Shyshmanyan


actress, project manager


actress, assistant producer


How to apply?


Theatre “BHALG” announces a permanent casting for actors/actresses ,amateurs or professionals for participation in  professional stage projects 


– The candidates have to be between 16-40 years old.

– Send a picture and short information about yourself on e-mail: bhalg_theatre@abv.bg


Only the candidates that have been approven by e-mail  can come to an audition. The theatre will correspond with the participants on e-mail , so the both sides can  consider the day and the row in which the casting will go, If its previously announced, or  how  it will run if its  conducted as an individual meeting  with the commission of Theatre “BHALG”

The competition is held in two  stages:

       Stage- performance of audition materials( extract of prose,monologue,poem,fable).

       Stage- tasks given by the commission on known or unknown material.