International youth festival “Ocean of love”

Show lecture for happiness took part in the international youth festival “Ocean of love” from the 8th till the 11th of April in Pazardzhik. 17 different theaters delved deep in to the magic of arts, 19 very distinctive of one another spectacles took place as part of the festival. All participants met with a number of culture figures both from Bulgaria and from abroad, working together in different workshops and discussions. The eight annual issue of the Ocean of love festival was the first festival in which theater BHALG took part. It was  the unofficial debut of Kaloyan Velinov. Tedi Ruseva and Viktoriya Georgieva were given the task to manage everything involved with the technical and artistic presentation of the spectacle.

Theater BHALG left with a great impression of the level of organization and the flawless execution of the festival. We are grateful for the invite and are looking forward to all future endeavours, such as this.