New year’s eve and Christmas programme, with “Super Mario”

Theater BHALG’s children play “Super Mario” took part in the Christmas celebrations of “ART theater” held on the the Russian Cultural and informative center from the 15th of December til the 21 th. This is a annual event held by them, filled with spectacles celebrating Christmas and new year’s eve.

Super Mario was met with astounding amount of smiling and excited children that cant wait for the spectacle to start. The on stage fairy tale was described by attendees as “magical” all due to the excellent performance by the actors combined with artistic presentation of both lights and sound.

This stage has already been the host of other events held by Theater BHALG and many more to come, as results of the perfect partnership between ALE HOP PRODUCTIONS and the ‘Open art stage Shipka”’s manager Milena Chervenkova.