super mario

“Super Mario”is an adventure for children and adults alike. It’s a gripping children’s play that borrows themes from Shigeru Miamoto’s iconic game for the Nintendo entertainment system. The play tells a tale of bravery, of good and evil, of faith, struggle and even of love. Everything is told in a different way, surrounded with a childlike wonder and imagination.


The story follows the young and hard-working Mario, a handyman who can fix anything that’s broken. After the evil dragon kidnaps the princess of the Peaceful kingdom, Mario quickly rushes to the rescue. Thus begins an epic adventure, full of twists and turns, that sends Mario through mysterious far-off lands, where he faces many dangers and traps all for the sake of bringing the princess back safely. Will he be able to beat the cunning dragon, who can cast dangerous spells, or will he cower and run away like so many others before him? 


The play is unique in that it’s the very first scenic adaptation of a Nintendo entertainment system classic. What is more, the sets and costumes are all made from recyclable materials such as nylon bags, plastic bottles and many others, giving everything a pro-environmental element and setting a good example for the impressionable audience.


Directed by: Ale Xzander

Set and costume design: Ivaylo Hristov and Ale Xzander

Music: Martin Taskov

Starring: Viktoria Georgieva, Gabriela Dimitrova, Kremena Aleksova, Mihaela Ilieva, Yoanna Ivancheva, Zlatina Stoycheva, Ivaylo Hristov, Dobrin Katerov and Yoan Velichkov



                                                                                                                                                                 Played till now:

05.11.2017 – Culture palace Sredets during Theatre’s Night Festival

01.06.2018 – Community Center ‘Svetlina’, Kremikovtsi

20.07.2018 – Culture Palace, Buhovo

26.11.2018 – 136 Secondary School ‘Chernotizets Hrabar’

19.12.2018 – Russian Information and Cultural Center (RICC)/ Open Art Stage Shipka

01.07.2019 – Culture Palace Iskar