Theater BHALG had its first performance for the new 2017 in “Lyumier” cinema

After returning from the international youth festival in Pazardzhik Ocean of love, on the 18th of April 2017, Show lecture for happiness was played in Sofia. The event started at 19:00 and it was attended by over 200 people in the new hall of cinema “Lyumier”.

The audience was moved by the spectacle, the ovations and compliments were a solid proof for the worm felt energy of the attendants. Martin Taskov, Aleksandar Tsvetkov, Zlatko Hristov, gave it their all on the stage and it was the official debut of the latter.

Apart from being the first live event for this year, it was the first official event promoted by “ALE-HOP PRODUCTIONS” along side theater BHALG. The perfect synergy between the producer and the administrative and technical department of cinema “Lyumier” resulted in a high level of professional and artistic presentation of the cultural event.

Theather BHALG says a big thank you to all involved in the event and sends out wishes for more and more future successes.