Theater BHALG hits the theaters with two titles at the Theater’s Night

Theater BHALG enters the list of theaters participating in the “Night of theaters”

Theater BHALG took part in the November festival “Night of theaters” with two of its spectacles. Show lecture for happiness was played at hall 11 of the National culture palace, also known as cinema “Lyumier”.  It was on the 4th of November 2017 at 19:30 and once again the attendance was astounded by the entertaining nature of the format, after which every one left home happy.

Culture house “Sredets” was the stage hosting the second part of the night of theaters for theater BHALG. It was the play “Super Mario” named after the famous Nintendo game. That was the first time Mario and friends were presented in a theatrical form and left all in attendance with big smiles on their faces, regardless of age. Every one had a chance to take photos with the beloved characters and the spectacle as a whole was very well critically acclaimed, you can read the reviews here.