“Uppercut” is a story about faith, hope and love. At first everything is seen through the scope of a martial arts sport, but as the story unfolds, it quickly comes to the conclusion that everything In our lives is linked, everything that revolves around is, is caused by none other than ourselves, whether it be good or bad. The play itself is filled with wisdom, passion, spiritual enlightenment and motivation. 

“Uppercut” tells us the story of a young and talented boxer, named Victor, who’s path to the big boxing competition, achievements and realization of his dreams, seems almost assured. But just when he least expected, he is knocked down by the unjust whims of fate and his life is turned sideways. The bitter taste of his dying dreams, drive the main character of the story to a moral and social collapse. His Mother and his closest friend try everything at their disposal to cheer up Victor, to help him pull through his depression. But it all seems way too much for them to handle. With her back against the wall, his mother is forced to work abroad, leaving Victor at the hands of a social worker, named Niko. With patience and humility, Niko slowly starts to seek for a way to connect with the depressed Victor, all in the name of hope. By playing the game of chess, the main character is able to see his past mistakes and realize the error of his, as he draws further into the wisdom of the much older and more experienced Niko. But will Victor be able to come out of the darkness and go into the light? Will the miracle of being on the victory road again happen, or will a new horizon emerge for the young boxer to find his purpose in life? Watch the theatrical spectacle “Uppercut” to find the answer to all these questions.

The play as a genre is a drama filled with comedic situations and moments. It reminds us how frequently life twists and turns. It speaks about what life, happiness, love and faith are, what it means to be wise and what determination it takes to be a victor and what motivates us to get through the times when your head hangs low. Apart from philosophy of boxing as an Olympic sport, the art of pole dance finds its way on the stage, to surely break all prejudice overshadowing pole dancer’s beauty.

With the support of sports center „PULEV“ and Pole dance Bulgaria.